“Fairness has to do with everyone getting what he or she needs.  Modifying assignments for ELLs [English Language Learners] is appropriate and grading them according to a separate standard (or not grading them at all) is also appropriate.”  - The CAPELL Guidelines for ESOL [English to Speakers of Other Languages] Program Design K – 12

The CSDE requires districts to address the issue of grading ELs (“English Learners”).  However, the State does not specify how districts must fulfill this responsibility.  Therefore, the solutions that districts have chosen vary.

The Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (“CABE”) recommends that, “The Superintendent [Board of Education] or his designee, in conjunction with appropriate stakeholders, shall develop and disseminate written procedures regarding the LEP program, including…classroom accommodations, grading policies.”

The following are examples of grading policies used in Connecticut:

-          Separate EL report card issued instead of a standard one; this is typically done by large districts that have formal self-contained EL programs

-          Modified grades

-          An additional narrative attached to a standard report card; narrative may include the student’s progress on his/her appropriate English proficiency level

-          Courses/subjects graded on a Pass/Fail basis

-          Standard report card without any alterations or additional statements