Activities for SIOP* Lessons

Building Background

         Discuss student experiences

         K-W-L chart

         Vocabulary development:
- 4 corners
- Verbose
- List-group-label
- Word sorts
- Word generation
- Zip-A-Round (words & defns, synonyms)
- Cognates

         Theme listening

         Small group/carousel brainstorm lists

         Semantic webbing

         Realia, illustrations, maps, photos

         Quick write

         Quick draw

         Anticipation guide

         Video clips



         Make predictions/hypotheses

         Categorize/classify charts or manipulatives

         Observe, analyze and report (oral, written, pictures)

         Sequence (oral, written, pictures)/physical timeline

         Comparison charts and essays


         Create a product to apply/synthesize info

         Evaluate and justify

         Interpret visuals (timelines, flow charts, diagrams)

         Cornell note-taking


         SQP2RS - videos


         Plus-Minus-Interesting (PMI) chart

         Text to graphic and back again

         Reciprocal teaching

         Reciprical teaching - video



         Cooperative learning:
- think-pair-share

- think-pair-share-square -

- round robin talking/writing
- mix and match
- inside-outside circle

- conga line

- numbered heads together

         Peer tutoring




         Living diorama

         Video freeze

         Jazz chants (video)

         Jazz chants - instructions

         Poems in two voices

         Reader's Theater

         Snowball (see page 131)

         Quiz, Quiz, Trade



Comprehensible Input, Practice & Application, or Review & Assessment

         Strip story (scroll down)

         Reading log

         Cloze exercises

         Story summary


         Dialogue journal

         Drama/role play/simulation

         Writing headlines

         Illustrations (google images)

         Language experience approach

         Character diaries

         Mix and match

         Outcome sentences

         Rotating review

         Send a question/problem

         Quick write/ quick draw


         Journal writing

- Jeopardy
- Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
- Bingo
- Pictionary
- Password

         Poster groupings:
- Carousel

-Gallery Walk - instructions

-Gallery Walk - video

- Walkers and Talkers








*Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

Adapted from SIOP workshop by H. Becker and

J. Kokoszka