Southern Connecticut State University online TAT Program library Southern’s Training for All Teachers (TAT) program maintains an online curriculum library of more than 250 teacher-modified curriculum units across all subjects for English learners in grades K-12. The library is searchable by grade and by subject (science, math, history/social studies, language arts, etc.)

English Learner Tool Kit, US Department of Education: The English Learner Tool Kit helps state and local education agencies help English Learners (ELs) fulfill their obligations to English language learners. The Toolkit has 10 chapters (one for each section of the DCL), and contains an overview, sample tools, and resources.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) resource kit is designed to help TESOL members learn about the essential components of the ESSA, which is the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA; formerly known as No Child Left Behind). It is important to understand that ESEA is the primary statute that funds primary and secondary education in the United States.

Florida Center for Reading Research: Includes many classroom activities developed by teachers at FCRR for use in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms and pedagogical information for empowering teachers with the skills and knowledge for effective instruction in the classroom.

Country Culture Cards: These country cards include the following information: the country’s capital, climate, spoken language(s), form of government, conflict, religion, education system, quality of life, and key cultural points. Each card also includes a contrastive analysis for the primary language spoken in each country. (Please note that some of the information in this document is outdated. (Please note that some of the information presented in this document is outdated).

Duolingo: Language learning in multiple languages – a bilingual site for families and educators of ELLs – K-12 resources, lesson plans and teaching tips – printable worksheets and educational resources – free ESL flashcards, worksheets and teaching resources– interactive web environments, free materials, and resources– free classroom resources, lessons, and interactives – published educational material online