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Shared Translations

Berlin Public Schools ESOL Literacy Library Parent Handouts in Multiple Languages

Arabic        Chinese         Croatian        English        French         Gujarati        Italian

Polish        Portuguese   Russian        Spanish       Ukranian     Vietnamese

                * TEMPLATE to create additional translations of this handout

Hartford Public Schools CAPT terms glossary (Karen language) – all disciplines

Norwalk Public Schools Elementary & Middle School Math & Science glossaries

Science – Elementary     Chinese     French      Haitian Creole      Polish      Spanish

Science – Middle              Chinese     French      Haitian Creole      Polish      Spanish

Math                                    Chinese     French      Haitian Creole      Polish      Spanish

Norwich Public Schools Labels Index

Norwich Public Schools Labels in 4 Languages

  • (English, Haitian Creole, Spanish, Simplified Chinese)

Wallingford Public Schools CMT terms glossary (Spanish)

Presentations and Information Shared at CAPELL Meetings